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hello you can call me kuk. My english really terrible sorry about my grammar.
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I am thinking about getting the Intuos Manga and saw that you have one. Is it worth the money? I have never owned a graphics tablet before so I want to make sure my first one is decent. :)
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Yes, It worth the money, but Intuos Manga be use efficiently when you use with Clip studio paint (in manga driver have serial code for get clip studio 2 year) If you use draw manga I recommend  Intuos Manga (for painting I use in SAI and photoshop) 

and I’m sorry that the text responds slowly

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Pikachu #3
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spheal + 4
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OMG you draw so nice! Do u have any tips? For example copic sketch markers?
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I’m just a copic markers rookie I don’t have tips anything if I can tell you for a copic basic. sorry (sorry reply too slow I just clear work)

Let’s draw Aoba—- ♬(ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩

Godzilla2014 vs Thai Godzilla (from PTT filling station commercial 1997)


very fluffy

so aobe

such allmate